Who are we?

The current knowledgeblog team is are all active scientists broadly coming from interdisciplinary biomedical and computing science backgrounds. We have developed knowledgeblog out of a desire to improve communication and the accessibility of knowledge both within and outside of science.

The Developers

Phillip Lord

Orginated the idea for Knowledgeblog. He is a Lecturer of Computing Science at Newcastle University. He is best known for his work on the use of ontologies in biology. He has also contributed to many eScience projects, as well as maintaining an active engagement in the development of a number of standards for the representation of biological data. Finally, he is an active developer and blogger.

Robert Stevens

Contributed to the development of the Knowledgeblog concept. He is a senior lecturer in Bioinformatics in the Bio and Health Informatics group at the University of Manchester. His main areas of research are in the development and use of semantics within the life sciences. He was PI on the Ontogenesis network that ran the meetings for the first k-blog. He is or has been a co-investigator on the myGrid and myExperiment projects.

Dan Swan

Contributed to the development of the knowledgeblog platform. Currently, he is the manager of the Newcastle University Bioinformatics Support Unit, where he aids biological researchers generating, capturing, storing and analysing their digitial data. His educational background is in developmental biology, but is now interdisciplinary, meaning that works on both biological and Computer Science focused projects.

Simon Cockell

Contributed to the development of the knowledgeblog platform. He works in the Bioinformatics Support Unit at Newcastle University; he works on a wide-range of projects including large scale analyses, data integration and health informatics.

Georgina Moulton

Contributed to the development of content for knowledgeblog. She works as an Education and Development Fellow at the University of Manchester. Her main role, since 2005, have been to co-ordinate the development and delivery of multi-disciplinary bio/health informatics education programmes; and to facilitate the engagement of biological and health communities in a variety of bio and health informatics research projects. For 3 years, Georgina was the EPSRC funded Ontogenesis Network Manager, in which she co-ordinated the activities of the network and expanded the network through the facilitation of the development of new activities and was involved in the trial k-blog process.


A knowledgeblog is pointless without content. We are deeply indebted to all those authors who have contributed articles or reviews to knowledgeblog, particularly those who attended the first Ontogenesis meeting.

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