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Greycite features

Phil Lord has been nagging me to post about the things that I have been changing and adding to the Greycite implementation, so :

  • pubmed : if you pass a pubmed.us (or the long .gov form) URL greycite will get the metadata stored by pubmed as well as scanning the original page.
  • ditto for dx.doi.org urls. Note that the data held at pubmed and dx.doi.org is sometimes inconsistent with what can be extracted from the original and so some metadata may appear to be missing as greycite currently does not store metadata fields where it cannot make a clear choice of value.
  • As a spin off of supporting some disambiguation on container titles, there is now a service to look up either the full or abbreviated title of journals given the other. This is at /full/…abbreviated.. or /abbrev/..full… It is content negotiable for json and in that case returns an array of strings. The data I have found to do this mapping is a little odd and probably incomplete so pointers to a good downloadable source of good data would be useful.
  • The plain greycite lookup interface is now content negotiable for JSON, bibtex and RDF. The RDF output is experimental and is definitely subject to change. You can also get RDF at the /rdf URL.
  • Links that greycite has scanned that have all metadata fields present are now automatically sent to the webcitation archive and, if they don’t appear to have a DOI, have a purl created.

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