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Knowledgeblog is Live

After a significant period, knowledgeblog is now live again. I can only apologise for the downtime. It clearly doesn’t do this site any good to be offline for so long. The sad story is that we were hacked and that restoration took a lot longer than it should have. As far as we can tell the content has been fully restored.

We have attempted to take this is positively as possible. It has given us a chance to clean up the server, as well as increase its size which should put us on a more stable footing for the future. We have also moved all mailing list functionality off the server, and onto Google.

During the downtime, all of the content was available from the UK Web Archive, but this would not have been obvious to most people as the link was available from this site — rather a chicken-and-egg situation which I hope we can address in the future.

Please let us know about any problems you find. Otherwise, welcome back!

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