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Announcing a Bioinformatics Kblog writeathon

The Knowledgeblog team is holding a ‘writeathon’ to produce content for a tutorial-focused bioinformatics kblog.

The event will be taking place in Newcastle on the 21st June 2011.  We’re looking for volunteer contributors who would like to join us in Newcastle on the day, or would like to contribute tutorial material remotely to the project.

We will be sending invites shortly to a few invited contributors but are looking for a total of 15 to 20 participants in total.

Travel and accomodation costs (where appropriate) can be reimbursed.

If you would like to contribute tutorial material on microarray analysis, proteomics, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics workflow development, bioinformatics database resources, network analysis or data integration and recieve a citable DOI for your work please get in touch with us at admin@knowledgeblog.org

For more information about Knowledgeblog please see http://knowledgeblog.org.  For examples of existing Knowledgeblogs please see http://ontogeneis.knowledgeblog.org and http://taverna.knowledgeblog.org.

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  3. Mikel Egaña

    May 19, 2011 @ 3:22 pm

    I really enjoyed the ontogenesis KBlog!

    Need someone to write about Linked Data? 😉

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