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Taverna Knowledgeblog

We are pleased to announce that new Taverna knowledgeblog is now available. Taverna is a widely used scientific workflow editor and processor. With a wide-range of different users, the project has generated significant amounts of tutorial material over the years; the rapid publication environment provided by a kblog has provided a suitable framework for this material.

This initial material was generated at a workshop on 13th December funded as part of the JISC knowledgeblog grant. The workshop was attended by 10 researchers who work with or on Taverna in some capacity. As Katy Wolstencroft, University of Manchester said: “We have been planning to write a book about Taverna for some time, but traditional publishing methods are too slow to cope with the fast-paced development of our software and the resulting capabilities of the workflows. With the knowledgeblog, we were able to produce 21 new articles in a 1 day workshop, which we can add to whenever it is required”

These articles range from a first-steps introduction to Taverna and workflows, through to advanced topics such as running R scripts in Taverna and case studies for real-world scenarios where Taverna may be an invaluable tool.

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