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More Greycite features

A few more small updates to report:

  • Greycite purls now redirect to the canonical URI, if we have one.
  • If a greycited URI is redirected, this gets reported both on the web page and in the JSON (in a field called “redirects-to”) if the redirect is not to the canonical URI. Currently this is not reported in the bibtex or RDF.
  • On the web page for a URI there is now a link taking you to a page that shows all the various metadata items Greycite has extracted from the target in a more readable firm than popovers.
  • Some websites are now treated as containers in the absence of other container information: t the moment htese are Wikipedia (http://wikipedia.org), YouTube (http://youtube.com), figshare (http://figshare.com) and arxiv.org (http://arxiv.org). More will be added, I’m sure.


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